Master of Science in Nursing

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Build upon your existing knowledge, personal experience, and professional character as a registered nurse by earning your MSN.

Advance your BSN to the next level with specialized knowledge and skills in quality improvement, technologies, policy & advocacy, population health, and evidence-based care.

Open doors of opportunity in healthcare leadership and faculty roles with a highly sought-after MSN degree.

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The School of Nursing seeks to prepare nurse generalists and leaders with knowledge of biological physical, social, and behavioral sciences, enhanced by a background in the humanities and Christian faith. A unique aspect of nursing education at OKWU is the refinement of knowledge regarding the spiritual dimension of client care and a focus on the whole person as a thinking, feeling, and believing individual.

Our Mission

The School of Nursing boasts of academic excellence and rigor. The Master of Science in Nursing at OKWU is accredited by the Commission of College Nursing education, serving as one example of OKWU’s proven academic quality.